LHA + Gotbox: Storage Partnership

We’ve partnered with GotBox22 to offer our residents 10% off on-demand storage when booked using the the code LHA10.If you’re a current resident and need storage for your belongings, you can now arrange your things to be collected, stored and then delivered to you at a later date with GotBox22. This partnership makes it easier for our residents to take advantage of our optimizer promotion by offering safe storage for belongings during holidays until they return.Optimiser PromotionIn selected sites, we offer current residents the choice to give us 4 weeks notice for when you’ll have left the accommodation over Christmas in exchange for a £50 per week discount on room fees whilst we keep the bed for your return. You must clear out all belongings from the room so that we can clean it and reuse the room during your leave and the bed must be vacant for a minimum of 2 weeks. To find out if your accommodation has been selected for optimiser, please speak to one of the managers.This means your savings from 1 week of using optimiser can pay for a whole month of storage for your belongings leaving any additional weeks with you saving £50 a week.To find out more about how GotBox22 storage works and to take advantage of this partnership click here.

Source: lhalondon.com/blog/optimiser/