People often sign up for storage contracts and forget about items in their storage units. There have been instances where people even forgot they had a storage unit at all.  There’s very little practical reason to hang on to a storage unit if you happen to live far away from the unit or have no need to visit your unit regularly

Here @ Gotbox, we’d like to make you aware that you don’t have to hang on to expensive storage units anymore. Why visit far corners of the city to go through boxes? you could easily request for your valuables whenever required, straight from your mobile device or desktop and at an affordable price. No removals cost, No time wasted. How valuable is your time and convenience to you?

Storage can be much easier

We can take care of the transition for you. We’ll meet you at your storage unit or apartment, collect your valuables, and store them away in our secure facility in London. Your goods would be insured and safely stored away – your storage in the cloud. All you need to do is #Justboxup. When you require your goods back, simply fill out a returns form on our website or iPhone app. Very simple.

To get started, simply visit: and schedule your free collection, pick your preferred dates and choose your desired storage range. We collect from your door. We store safely. We return to your door when it suits you. Snap shot of some of our super-customers feedback.

The trend setters…

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