london student storage

london student storage


London has more world-class universities than any other city in the world with many varied institutions. They deliver ground-breaking research; excellent tutoring, beautiful scenery and a multi-cultural audience, good reputation, high quality of education, and London’s status as a social center. London attracts students from all over the world with different social or ethnic backgrounds

18% of the total student population in London universities (366,605) are international. PWC


One stressful thing for International students to find in London is a good and secure storage space. This is particularly challenging for international students when going on a short vacation or returning home for their summer break or Christmas. They have a stressful time looking for storage space especially because they are visitors in London who are here to study not lifting items in and out of storage spaces.

Storage Made Easy:

Safety of their belongings whilst away is another area of concern with the storage space chosen. Luggage or boxes should not be tampered with or destroyed in any way. Moving boxes/luggage should also not be stressful. The students require a storage service that is reliable and can store their valuables, boxes and luggage’s when required. A typical storage experience in London is not a stress free one. It includes packaging costs, packing items, rental of vans/taxis, commute to the storage centre, numerous contractual documentation with traditional storage companies.

GotBox22 Storage strives to change all that for students and international students in London. We are committed to making the storage experience easy and fun. With us, you don’t have to worry about your box/ luggage being destroyed in the process of moving. Your fragile luggage will be labelled, and kept separate from the rest. You also don’t have to worry about expensive removal costs and excessive storage fees. Travelling to and fro to your storage unit each and every month would not be necessary anymore.

Unlike self-storage, we offer on-demand storage services. This simplifies the storage process for you. GotBox22 storage London seeks to make storage of your luggage here in London as simple as possible. Try us today and you can be assured of quality service and convenience. You don’t have to worry about on-demand storage here in London even if you are new here. We have exactly what you need, and we are ready to pick up your boxes/luggage. #justboxup #storagemadeeasy