Self Storage Made Easy in London


Storage made easy in London


Self storage can be stressful and expensive with costs spiralling if not kept in check.  Simplify what requires storage and make some cost savings in the process. The average self storage rental rate within traditional storage centres is £21.00 per square foot. (SSA UK review 2015).This excludes associated costs such as removal fees, costs of locks , repeated trips to your storage centre.


At GotBox22, we have simplified and modernised the self storage process, our tagline describes facets of our business model:” we collect, we store , we return” Our trajectory has been to make storage tailored and individualised for every one of our special customers, whilst working within a framework of storage ranges to enable efficiency and  customer satisfaction. We currently cover only London and Essex. We store only boxes and luggage’s.’If it can be boxed, it can be stored’


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Tag or label your items, ideally use same sized boxes or luggage’s to enable easy stacking and prompt identification, keep fragile items in individualised boxes and label fragile. Some keywords can also be used to enable easy return of individual boxes. i.e. summer clothes box, garden ornaments.



GotBox22  has a variety of storage ranges you can choose from, our full box ranges can be viewed on our website.  All you need to do is choose what storage/box range category you fall into i.e. if your have 4 luggage’s to store, you fall into the 1 -5 Box Range, if you have 7 boxes to store, your fall into the 6 – 10 Box Range. After making your purchase of your desired range, We  collect your boxes or luggage’s from your door, We insure and store them safely in one of our secure warehouse across London for as long as you require.



You can also easily request a return of an individual box or all your boxes within your range.  We have removed the stress points from your typical storage experience. No more expensive removal costs , no more excessive fees for unit sizes not required, no more unnecessary travel to your storage unit every month.


Be a savvy storage user.