On – Demand Storage in 4 Simple Steps


IMG_0061New to on-demand storage in London? Do you need to store away some items?

Our guide below will take you through our storage process in 4 simple steps.


  1. You Choose:

Gotbox22 storage offers a variety of Box range Storage which simply means you choose the amount of boxes, bags, luggage, or baggage you wish to store and select the box range storage that matches the amount of items you want to store. If you have 6 bags, it means you require the 6-10 Box range storage. You can always move to a higher or lower box range at any time for free.


Check out our box ranges: www.gotbox22.co.uk/store



  1. We Collect:  

Gotbox22 Storage offers on-demand storage service in London and around the M25. We collect your goods and return to any London address. We pick up your packed boxes, bags or luggage’s from your door. You would receive a live update text when the collection team is on route to you.  Kindly have your boxes labelled and sealed before your collection team arrives



  1. We Store:

Our storage facilities are not accessible to the public. If you do not require regular access to your belongings, we would be perfect for you as we collect your belongings, store them in our secure warehouse and return them when it suits you, you can store for as long as you want.



  1. We Return:

You simply choose your desired return date by filling out a return request form on www.gotbox22.co.uk. We ask that you ideally give us 48 hours request notice for the return of your items.



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