Never Visit a Storage Unit Again in London

The need for storage services has never been this high in the UK. According to the Self Service Association (SSA UK) the country now has 30 million square feet of storage to rent with 250,000 customers which indicates the growing need for storage service. A lot of service providers are also available in the market.


However, what is generally inadequate in the industry is the convenience aspect to the customer . GotBox22 storage is a full service modern storage company based in London and Essex. We offer an affordable and reliable storage service that include the use of boxes, bags or luggage’s for efficiency and mobility. We simplify the storage process by offering on-demand storage services. We focus on delivering a modern and sleek approach different to to self-storage. (We take the self out of self storage)


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What is unique about us?  Unlike other storage companies, we make storage easy by eliminating the need for the customer to transport items to a storage unit by doing it for you and that way making savings on removal costs or logistics. We collect your goods from your door step, store them on your behalf in one of our secure warehouses and return them when you need them. This saves you time, money and is convenient.
In addition, we make storage much cheaper as you store your items by the box which comes in different box ranges as opposed to paying for unused space. We can also deliver the boxes within your storage range  within 48 hours to your door step and arrange collection within 24 hours if required.



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Storage made easy. #justboxup