If you don’t own your property yet, finding the right place to live in London could be quite difficult. Also, moving between apartments can be quite expensive and stressful. One of the major issues with London apartments is limited storage space, crowded closets and tight living quarters. Wardrobe doors not closing, too many shoe boxes and racks in the way.

We present a solution to making space in your bedroom and living areas.  Our solution is cost effective and you can start enjoying some spacious surroundings

3 ways on-demand storage can help you make space and save money in London:

It is Cost Effective and Cheaper than Self-Storage:

You can easily use on-demand storage service instead of upgrading into a larger apartment or house. This would save you money and solve your de-cluttering needs. Remain in your desired location, on-demand storage collects your goods and stores them away safely if you have no immediate need for them. #Justboxup

Think of it like your Safety Deposit Box:

Your safety deposit box is always out-of-sight with your valuables until you actually require its contents. On-demand storage is like having you own safety deposit box with your valuables kept securely with your storage vendors. Your items are stored away securely, you can also request a return of your valuables to your door by filling out a simple online request form. www.gotbox22.co.uk/request

Bespoke Storage Solution: 

One size fits all storage solution is so outdated. No more need to store a few boxes or items in a large storage unit you don’t actually require. On-demand storage solution from @Gotbox22 storage allows you to store your items by the box or luggage.

London is a great city to live in, 75% of Fortune 500 companies have offices in London, thousands of businesses of all sizes across the city, lots of great career opportunities, cycle lane for keen bikers, thousands of restaurants, easy transportation routes with London underground, almost 240 museums, including The British Museum, Natural History Museum All for free. Multicultural lifestyle and relatively peaceful. So, you don’t need to live uncomfortably in London any longer.

Use @Gotbox22 Storage to create some valuable space in your London home or apartment today. Extras like golf clubs, magazines, ski gears, clothes, and shoes can be easily boxed and collected by the team. Maximise your space and let your creativity flow.