Laundry And Storage Made Easy

Living in the city means constant time scheduling of activities to get as many things done in very little time: The result: an “on-demand” economy whereby urbanites can buy almost anything instantly online, at the swipe of a screen and have it collected or delivered to wherever they are located.


Having a your meal brought to your door is hardly breaking news, or having your private chauffeur waiting outside your front door in under 2mins seems normal now but laundrapp, has taken this to a new level by launching a bespoke laundry service app that lets you have your dry-cleaning collected and returned at a desired time – Your laundry @ Your convenience – (even perfect when you have a busy schedule and don’t want to be restricted by household chores). They collect, They clean, They deliver. 
Furthermore, Laundrapp is open all week. Book a collection online or with the mobile app, to get your dry cleaning taken care of anytime from 7AM to 11PM. In addition, your valuable clothes will be taken to one of their professional facilities and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee:  Laundrapp will re-clean your items free of charge if you’re not happy first time!


GotBox22  has partnered with Laundrapp to offer our clients 10% off their laundry service when booked using the code BOX22. If you need to spring clean your belongings, you can now arrange for your things to be collected, cleaned and then delivered to you at a later date. This partnership makes it easier for our storage clients to take advantage of our optimiser promotion by offering a bespoke laundry service saving you time and money from a single click. To find out more about how to take advantage of this partnership click here.

Laundry Made Easy

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