Boxed in, falling over items with very little guest area. Here, in London, it can be a way of life, especially with studio flats, student accommodation, and the continual rise of  micro-apartments in the city. You may have tried your prowess of organising at trying to De-clutter or re-arranging your items, but you’re not getting justified results. It’s time to make some change and maximise your space. Here are Five (5) tips from us:


  1. Individualise your Items- Your apartment is already limited in space, which means you shouldn’t be showcasing your entire collection of precious decorations or football memorabilia. Go for fewer items that are bigger and make them your centre piece. whilst at it, you can also use a dramatic art piece to make your apartment feel more expensive: – Art

storage made easy

2. Clear out the Excess – This is a Must-do to get your space back and clutter out. You may need to start large and work your way down. From that ironing board you’ve only used once to that static exercise bicycle in your hallway, all the way down to your excess pairs of shoes gathering dust. Its time to cut off ties, label the items you can do without, use your recycle bin, let those old magazines go in the bin. There would be items you feel emotionally attached to and can’t quite let go – put them in boxes, organise and label them, use storage on demand in London to have your boxes/bags collected and stored within 48 hours: – Storage

3. Use your Furniture as Master-pieces – In a small apartment. We only require one large sofa instead of using multiple separated pieces. Choose a sofa that can serve multiple purposes such as storage underneath or a sofa bed. One large sofa won’t take up quite as much space as separated pieces. Your sofa can have a huge effect on your goal. Choose a statement sofa that fills up its corner in your apartment and decreases the look of clutter: – Sofa


4. Manipulate your Visual – A few tricks can help manipulate your apartment into looking spacious and larger than it is, placing wall paper on your ceiling would make your apartment look higher – Anything that attracts our visuals upward would make the apartment feel larger. Paint your room with light colours. Bold white will do the Magic and creates a spacious illusion. Another method is to add large mirrors to the walls, place your mirror opposite to your window which can then create an illusion of more space. choose striped items that are vertical to elongate your apartment. Align stripes to to the length of the room: – Wallpaper

topology5. Use the Pro –  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and haven’t got the time to have this done you can summon the services of home transformers for tips. tricks and inspiration: – Interior design 

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