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Myth 1: Self-storage facilities have limited access hours and services?  
Most storage centres in the UK offer 24 hrs access upon request. Some tend to charge a fee for that service. Typical access hours on average is between 9am – 9pm. Most Self-Storage centres provide support through onsite staff during office hours. They can also assist you in choosing a unit and offering packing materials onsite, most offer trolleys onsite. Some storage centres in the UK also offer office spaces for rent within their units

Myth 2: I do not need a self-storage unit?
You are definitely correct. Depending on what the situation is, self-storage could be a great option or not. If you’re moving, selling your house, de-cluttering, relocating or in need of storage for your business. Self-storage units could be of great value to you, but this is dependent on the actual amount of goods you actually need to store. If you are travelling, a professional, student or business owner and have only got a few items to store – other available options would be more convenient and cost effective. Storage on demand for your boxes and luggage’s. Storage made Easy. Check out:

Myth 3: You can sleep in your self-storage unit?

Well, a few people have been found sleeping behind in their self-storage units. Blankets, mattress, sofa bed. This is illegal though and a breach of health and safety regulations. Most reputable self-storage centres would terminate your lease if you’re caught doing this. What you’re looking for is a hotel. It’s not advisable to sleep or stay behind in the storage unit.

Myth 4: Should I really read the small print on my self-storage contract?

Yes. This is a must. Most self-storage contracts contain various caveats such as auction of your goods due to non-payment mostly between 60 -90 days, increase in your storage rental costs after a few months, additional costs for insurance, locks/cylinder locks, ability to go in your storage unit without permission, You should make sure you understand the content of your contract before you sign it.

Myth 5: Self Storage is only £1.00 per month?

You could pick up a 2 bedroom apartment in Nottinghill for that too. Most £1.00 deals are marketing ploys to attract traffic. Most often have various conditions attached, such as: It’s only for the unit itself and it does not include:  Hidden fees, Insurance, Locks, Sudden rental increases, VAT etc. Commit to actually reading your contract and understanding the deal, ideally before your visit. Ask questions like: Can I have a total cost of how much I’m expected to pay monthly excluding the initial promotion?

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